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General Information

TÜVTÜRK Motor Vehicle Inspection Inc.

As the sole instution authorised for periodical vehicle inspection in Turkey, TÜVTÜRK provides Periodical Motor Vehicle Inspection at international standarts with the aim to contribute to traffic and vehicle safety in Turkey.

Through it's country-wide service network with 3500 employees in 210 test stations, 5 motorcycle and 74 mobile stations, 13 mobile tractor stations performs yearly around 9 million periodical and Roadworthiness Inspection, around 4 million Exhaust Gas Emission test - conforming to international standards in 81 provinces across Turkey under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Together with free of charge services like re-inspection and Detection total inspection number is now over 17 million.

Stations provide the following services:

  • Periodical Vehicle Inspection
  • Roadworthiness inspection
  • Inspection after modification
  • Compulsory Inspection
  • Exhaust Gas Emission Test
  • Detection

The core values of TÜVTÜRK are independence, impartiality and integrity.

TÜVTÜRK significantly contributes to traffic and vehicle safety in Turkey by providing periodical vehicle inspection service under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.
TÜVTÜRK was established in 2005 with the purpose of offering vehicle inspection services in international standards overall in
Turkey; TÜVTÜRK has obtained the rights for the establishment, maintenance and operation of the vehicle inspection stations in Turkey for a term of 20 years under a concession contract awarded by the Privatization Administration of Turkey on 15.08.2008. TÜVTÜRK is a consortium partnership under the ownership of 3 equal shareholder companies;
Doğuş Automotive is one of the largest automotive distributors in Turkey,TÜV SÜD Group; providing technical inspection services in the field of industry and transport which is based in Germany, Bridgepoint; a private equity fund which is based in London.
TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Stations offer periodical vehicle inspections consisted of functional and visual control of certain spots identified on the vehicle as well as exhaust gas emission test, roadworthiness inspection, mandatory inspections, and inspection after modification services. TÜVTÜRK fulfills these services with its specialist and duly trained staff of about 3500 at its stations each having the uniform and common features and standards as accredited by TÜRKAK.
The inspections may be conducted expressly and easily through getting reservations from the company’s website at www.tuvturk.com.tr, Call Center at 0 850 222 88 88, Republic of Turkey e-state or the kiosks at the stations.

TÜVTÜRK Start-up & Operation.